Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Day Party ~ American Girl Style

Anna Kate celebrated her 5th birthday at the American Girl Store in Chicago. Just as she wanted, she invited two people...Grace and Emily! Dan and I were invited ONLY because the curly headed princess needed someone to foot the bill..

She had such a wonderful time. She got to pick out another American Girl doll, an outfit and have one of her doll's ears pierced. The AG Cafe was very similar to the AG Bistro here in Atlanta. The actual store does not even compare to our store here. The Chicago store has a larger hair salon (where hair is done and ears are pierced), a hospital, photo salon, bakery, craft area...just to name a few things. They had tons more clothes and accessories than the Atlanta store. It was a treat to go and the girls had tons of fun!
Anna Kate, Gracie and Emily walking to Water Tower Place ~ Home of The American Girl Store.
This was Gracie's first visit..she was thrilled!

The girls in front of the store. Gracie had just gotten Chrissa.

The store was very overwhelming. It took Anna Kate forever to decide on a doll.

Anna Kate in the Cafe...They had this neat conversation starters on every cute!

AK, Gracie and Em all selected the American Girl Picnic lunch as their meal.

She got a cute cake served with peppermint ice was very yummy!

Happy Birthday, Anna Kate.
We hope you will always remember your 5th birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

Happy Birthday, Mom/Kathy/Mimi. We have A LOT of summer birthdays...once we get past the summer birthday expenditures, Christmas sneaks up on us. :)

Hope you had a great birthday!

A special visitor

Dan's grandmother, Nana, came to visit. She lives in California and traveled all by herself at the tender age of 87. Fortunately, the weather was cooler (than normal for July) so she was able to do exactly what she on the front porch and go down to the dock/lake!

The girls were so happy to see her as well as Dan and I ~ She lived here when Emily was born and moved back to California when Emily was 2 1/2 years. Emily was her first great-granddaughter and they have a special bond.

Anna Kate, Nana and Emily sitting on the boat!

Anna Kate and Nana drawing & of BOTH of their favorite things to do!

We ordered Nana a yummy cake from Very was so very, very good! If you have never had a Very Vera cake then you just don't know what you are missing (!

Happy Birthday, Nana! We love and miss you!

When we visited Nana, the girls and Dan took the opportunity to enjoy the jetski and lake. I like the lake ok (not really) ~ the older I get the more I think water is just toooo dirty for me. I prefer to see the bottom of the place that I'm dipping my toes. :)

4th of July

Happy 4th of July. We had a low-key 4th this year. The city of Kennesaw had fireworks on the 3rd. We started the 4th off with tennis, followed by a day at the pool and ended with fireworks in the neighborhood.

Sass-a-frass was decked out in her flag dress and INSISTED on wearing the large, hot pink glasses. The girl has her own sense of style - I assure you all that she had matching sunglasses!
Downtown Kennesaw has a variety of activities to do to celebrate the 4th....the First Baptist Church always has a parking lot full of jumpy things, cotton candy, snow cones, etc. We packed a picnic lunch and found a good spot close to the church activities.
Anna Kate and Emily enjoying snow cones...
Emily came flying down the jumpy thing...
Anna Kate could have stayed on the jumpy things for days...
The girls in front of an old car...they were shocked to see a car without air and automatic windows...
I keep telling them they have it made!
Going for a dip in the pool on a hot, hot 4th of July day.
The girls patiently awaiting the fireworks display ~
They love Sparklers (just as Em's shirt says)...

Hope y'all had a great 4th of July!

Happy Birthday, Anna Kate

Happy 5th Birthday, Anna Kate. You are such a loving, caring and funny, funny child. We NEVER know what might come out of your mouth....but we know it is always followed with a hug, a kiss and/or an I love you!

Anna Kate chose to have a small birthday party at the American Girl Store in Chicago (in July). Of course, we could NOT let her birthday go by without some type of celebration. On her actual birthday, she decided she wanted to go to the pool, order pizza and have a Princess cake.

Emily and Anna Kate tubing at the pool

Anna Kate eating cheese pizza and cheetosA princess cake for a curly-headed princess. AK opening presents...her wishes this year consisted of American Girl, American Girl and more American Girl.....Oh and "I'll take some Polly Pockets too".

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a great day.

We know you are so looking forward to the American Girl party in July.

Chicago ~ June trip

We had the opportunity to visit my sister and her peeps in June. They live in Chicago. We did very little site seeing ~ it was just a trip to be with family and take care of some family business. The girls had such a wonderful time with the Chicago peeps.

The Chicago Peeps welcomed the DPGang with big smiles and warm hearts (if I didn't know better I would think they were born and raised in the south)....
We spent time at the local park, in their backyard and at a water park...

Lou Man and Anna Kate coming up with some type of game to play....The trampoline seemed to be a favorite meeting ground....

The temperature was unseasonably cool but we had one day where it was warm enough to go to a water park in Orland Park. It was such a great place and the peeps had such a fun time!

Emily & Gracie in the Lazy RiverAnna Kate has NO fear....I was scared to death Louis had the biggest smile when he jumped off of the platform (and I just about had heart failure)Anna Kate was Charlie's buddy...aka partner in crime!

A great time was had by all. We will visit again in July. We can't wait to see "y'all" again!