Monday, August 17, 2009

Chicago ~ July trip

We had the opportunity to go back to Chicago in July. We spent quality time with the Chicago peeps, Grandmother & Poppa and celebrated my 40th birthday.

Mother, Nichole and I were downtown Chicago on my actual birthday. When we returned to Nichole's house, my girls, the Chicago peeps, Poppa/Daddy & Dan decorated the house with streamers, balloons and signs. Louie was in charge of the directional signs telling me where I was to walk, etc. Emily and Gracie were in charge of the sign that told me how to ring the doorbell and how to enter. Anna Kate and Charlie were the supervisors and told Dan/Daddy/Uncle Danny and Poppa/Daddy what to do. :)

These two waiting anxiously for my arrival....
And these two could have cared less when I arrived - I mean there was something really good on making signs and giving out orders are tough jobs. :)

I can't find the pictures of the decorations....more to come later!

We did a lot of swimming ~ Nic's next door neighbor has a pool and let the kiddos use it. During this trip, we took the GA/Chicago peeps (minus Charlie) to Navy Pier.

Navy Pier has a really cool ferris wheel. We all really enjoyed it ~ it was so neat to overlook downtown Chicago.
Anna Kate is just not real sure about the ride. Emily and Gracie really liked it.
And of course, the boys liked it...Here are best buddies sitting away from all the girls!They had to ride the swings...Anna Kate wasn't tall enough to ride (which broke her heart).
But the heart break wasn't for long ~ she got to ride the Lighthouse ride on Navy Pier and her facial expressions says it all. We had such a good time! We can't wait to see the Peeps again soon! Thank y'all for making my 40th birthday such fun, fun, fun!!