Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Day Party ~ American Girl Style

Anna Kate celebrated her 5th birthday at the American Girl Store in Chicago. Just as she wanted, she invited two people...Grace and Emily! Dan and I were invited ONLY because the curly headed princess needed someone to foot the bill..

She had such a wonderful time. She got to pick out another American Girl doll, an outfit and have one of her doll's ears pierced. The AG Cafe was very similar to the AG Bistro here in Atlanta. The actual store does not even compare to our store here. The Chicago store has a larger hair salon (where hair is done and ears are pierced), a hospital, photo salon, bakery, craft area...just to name a few things. They had tons more clothes and accessories than the Atlanta store. It was a treat to go and the girls had tons of fun!
Anna Kate, Gracie and Emily walking to Water Tower Place ~ Home of The American Girl Store.
This was Gracie's first visit..she was thrilled!

The girls in front of the store. Gracie had just gotten Chrissa.

The store was very overwhelming. It took Anna Kate forever to decide on a doll.

Anna Kate in the Cafe...They had this neat conversation starters on every cute!

AK, Gracie and Em all selected the American Girl Picnic lunch as their meal.

She got a cute cake served with peppermint ice was very yummy!

Happy Birthday, Anna Kate.
We hope you will always remember your 5th birthday celebration!

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