Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anna Kate

Happy 5th Birthday, Anna Kate. You are such a loving, caring and funny, funny child. We NEVER know what might come out of your mouth....but we know it is always followed with a hug, a kiss and/or an I love you!

Anna Kate chose to have a small birthday party at the American Girl Store in Chicago (in July). Of course, we could NOT let her birthday go by without some type of celebration. On her actual birthday, she decided she wanted to go to the pool, order pizza and have a Princess cake.

Emily and Anna Kate tubing at the pool

Anna Kate eating cheese pizza and cheetosA princess cake for a curly-headed princess. AK opening presents...her wishes this year consisted of American Girl, American Girl and more American Girl.....Oh and "I'll take some Polly Pockets too".

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a great day.

We know you are so looking forward to the American Girl party in July.

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