Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Day of School ~ 2009

I'm a couple of months behind in my blogging (again) and I'm trying to catch up!
Em started middle school this year and AK started Kindergarten. I did not want the girls to start school. I just really enjoyed being with them over the summer and didn't want the early rises to interfere with our time. Both are extremely excited about starting school.
Their backpacks were ready to go...
So excited to go to big girl school...I hope she is always this excited to go to school! :)
AK could hardly wait for me to take a couple of pictures before she was off to the bus ~ I'm not sure what she is most excited, recess, lunch or the B-U-S!Em was very excited yet nervous for her first day of middle school. She has such a long day but seems to love being in middle school.They were welcomed home with a special treat...their favorite cookie cake!

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