Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Happy Birthday to my Mother! Her birthday is one day before Emily' 11 years ago, my poor mother celebrated her birthday in a labor and delivery room "patiently" awaiting the arrival of our precious little Emily. Three years later, in 2001, she buried her eldest son (my older brother, Chuck). Her birth "day" is far from an ordinary is bittersweet, for sure.

This year we had a celebration at my brother Chip's house....a good time was had by all. The Chicago peeps made an unexpected, grand appearance. My brother lives on a pretty large piece of land and has a wide variety of motorized vehicles and toys for the kids of all ages.

Grandmother blew out her candles with the help of the grand-boys, Louis and Luke....

The grand-girls were excited about giving her presents...

The girls had fun on the golf cart ~ I do hope Emily's driving skills improve between now and the time she gets her driver's licenses. :)

Anna Kate really likes Michaela. Michaela was the designated driver for Anna Kate.

Cla and Dan had fun racing.

Happy Birthday, Mother! Hope this birthday was filled with happy memories.

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