Sunday, May 31, 2009

ABC's of me!

I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun to do. =)

A - Age: 39 (almost! That is old, huh?)

B - Bed size: King...all four of us could NOT fit into anything smaller.

C - Chore you hate: Laundry

D - Dog's name: Lucy

E - Essential start your day item: Starbucks or Cherry Coke from Sonic

F - Favorite color: Pink

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Silver or Platinum

H - Height: 5'5"

I - Instruments you play: uhhhh....nothing. I can't carry a tune in a bucket either.

J - Job title: Mommy, Student, Auditor

K - Kid(s): Emily (11) and Anna Kate (4)...Dan too. Does he count?

L - Living arrangements: My sweet girls and Danny Boy. Oh, and that four-legged friend, Lucy!

M - Mom's name: Donna

N - Nicknames: Lucy

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: A couple of times ~ I think all of the non-vital organs have been removed from my body.

P - Pet Peeve: When people carry on a conversation with some else after calling me on the phone or walking into my office!

Q - Quote from a movie: I can't think of one...I mean ~ I watch so many movies =)

R - Right handed or left handed: Left

S - Siblings: 4 brothers and 1 sister

T - Time you wake up: During school time, around 6:30. During the summer time, whenever the girls get up!

U- Underwear: Yes please, I don't particularly like going commando!

V - Vegetable you dislike: I'm not a huge fan of spinach.

W - Ways you run late: being lazy.

X - X-rays you've had: kidney, teeth, gallbladder....I could go on & on.

Y - Yummy food you make: I honestly can't think of anything! I'm not a cook.

Z - Zoo favorite: I like the giraffes and the pandas...I think they are just beautiful!

Now it's your turn ~ Have fun =)

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