Saturday, May 30, 2009

Walt Disney World

We decided to take a trip to Disney during my spring break...the girls were not on spring break but we took them out of school for two days to have a little fun! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go to Disney. This was the best trip that we have ever had. The girls are both tall enough to ride every ride. We were a little afraid that Anna Kate might not want to go on a couple of rides but that wasn't the case....she begged to go on Splash Mountain over and over...she described Space Mountain as "wicked"....Soarin' was tons of fun too! Emily's favorite rides are Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain.

We stayed offsite this time and well, we just like to stay onsite ~

Nothing compares to walking down Main Street @ Magic Kingdom and seeing the girls' faces light up with pure excitement and joy...It really is such a magical place!

The girls got autographs galore....

We had lunch at the Crystal Palace where Pooh and Friends were happy to entertain us ~
Anna Kate received the "Best Hopscotcher in Disney" award while shopping in the Briar Patch.

Here are a couple of more pictures from out trip....there are some many pictures! It's really hard to just pick a few!

Anna Kate did not meet a stranger during the trip....Here is Emily begging us to stop her from talking to everyone she saw...Emily was telling me she was "completely embarrassed".

Anna Kate was a real trooper. She stayed up late and got up early...on the last night, she fell asleep telling us about her day!

We all had such a great time....we can't wait to go back! Disney really is one of the most happiest places on earth, don't ya think?

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