Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance Recital 2009

The girls danced with Praise Him With Dance this year and had their dance recital on Saturday, May 30th. They performed at the Woodlands Performing Arts Center @ Woodlands High School. Emily performed a hip-hop/jazz routine and Anna Kate performed a ballet routine to Jesus Loves the Little Children. They both did a great job.

(excuse my pictures....I have dropped my camera two different times and in need of a new we couldn't use flash to take pics)

Anna Kate was most excited about getting flowers.....had I only known before the monthly dance fees, costume fee, recital fee, tickets, multiple pairs of tights....I could have purchased her a well established rose garden! :)

Emily really liked her flowers too. We are proud of both girls but Emily is just not as "showy" as Anna Kate....Emily did a great job on her routine! She really did enjoy dance this year.

The girls were happy to have their Grandmother & Poppa (my parents) and Mimi & Grandpa (Dan's parents) come watch them perform.

They are already planning for next year....Emily has decided she wants to take tap plus jazz/hip hop. Anna Kate says she wants to take ballet, tap & hip hop! Oh my.....what's wrong with just clogging?

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