Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last Day of School ~ 2009

The end of this school year was bittersweet....Emily finished 5th and will be going into Middle school in the Fall. Anna Kate finished preschool and will be going to Elementary school in the fall.
Anna Kate's last day consisted of watching movies and playing with her friends in her PJs. She thought she was really something to leave our house in her pajamas.
Emily's last day of 5th ended with the "5th Grade" walk. All the 5th graders walked up and down the hallways of the school. They walked thru the hallways with pomp and circumstance playing. Em is so ready for Middle School...I just hope and pray that it is everything she thinks and hopes it will be!

Emily wanted to ride the school bus home. Most of the neighborhood kids got off at the pool. They were welcomed with silly string and water balloons. Most headed straight to the frigid waters of the pool to open it for the season.

School's out for Summer......YEAH!

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Susan and Lee said...

what a great idea of water balloons and string. How fun! The 6th graders always did that walk at my school and they loved it!